A&D Programs
November 7-8, 2023
Washington, DC

About the 2023 A&D Programs

Building a Resilient Industrial Base

The A&D Programs Conference (formerly Defense Chain Conference) is produced by Aviation Week Network.  A well-known portfolio in the A&D industry, Aviation Week Network provides business-critical information, predictive intelligence and connections with opportunities and people. The history of the event spans over 20 years and has provided critical updates on new industry and defense initiatives. The 2023 conference theme is centered on Building a Resilient Industrial Base.

The Conference speakers are from various government positions, senior leaders from commercial companies, academia, and analysts. Held annually in Washington, DC, and attended by a highly select group of C-suite executives and senior government leaders.

There are three core focus areas: Business Strategy, Supply Chain Opportunities and Program Excellence. Information shared and networking programs during the conference are timely and can have an immediate impact on sustainable growth opportunities.

Business Strategy

Delegates meet and engage with top industry analysts who offer their views of the industry, and provide forecasts for business planning, DoD priorities and OEM and prime initiatives.

Supply Chain Opportunities

A&D Programs is the event to demonstrate to delegates where it is best to make their mark with top defense programs and the fiscal realities and deal-making models that prime contractors are utilizing today.

Program Excellence

Aviation Week partners with industry leaders to identify and share program breakthroughs, and demonstrate the technology and innovation required to succeed in the industry today. 

A Look Back at 2022

Who Should Attend:

  • Program Executive Officers
  • Military Leaders
  • Defense Contractors
  • Supply Chain Executives
  • Senior Business Development Executives
  • Engineering and Technology Executives
  • Senior Analysts
  • Representatives from Investment and Financial Firms

Topic Highlights:

  • Conversation about Defense Industrial Base Resiliency & Preparedness
  • How the U.S. Can Implement a Defense Industrial Policy and Boost Competitiveness
  • The Executive Corner
  • Protecting the Homeland Through Partnerships Abroad
  • Myth Busting: High-Performance Small Satellites
  • The Four Horsemen – Market Outlook for the A&D Industry
  • The Long-Range Plan: Why the Investments?
  • Mission-Critical: An Update on the U.S. Space Force
  • Stimulating Domestic Manufacturing: Is the U.S. Innovating Enough?
  • Keeping Our Edge: Innovation and National Security
  • Analysts’ View of the Global Industry Forecast
  • A Game Changer: Using AI to Design Aerospace Parts
  • Lessons Learned: Taking the Pulse of the Global Supply Chain Challenges

This year it is an opportunity for delegates to hear about a mix of commercial and defense topics.

Day two of the two-day program highlights new program initiatives in the industry via an exclusive Aviation Week executive roundtable workshop and culminates with the 2023 Program Excellence Awards and Banquet.

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