A&D Programs
November 7-8, 2023
Washington, DC

Program Excellence 2022 Finalist

The 2022 Aviation Week Program Excellence finalist are, by category: 

Special Projects           

Software Programmable Open Mission Systems Compliant Radio           
Ranji Isaac, SPOC Program Manager           
Collins Aerospace                       

ONE EMBRAER           
Paulo Stolf, Program Manager           
Embraer S.A.            

Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages           
Rena Barrow, Program Manager           
L3Harris Technologies            

Ari Vogel, Director Deep Space Exploraton          
Lockheed Martin                     

Protected Tactical Satcom           
Niraj Nayak, Director Engineering           
Northrop Grumman                   

OEM/Prime Systems Design and Development                    

Command Post Integrated Infrastructure           
Jeff Brown, Director Tactical Communications           
Elbit Systems of America                              

Advanced Low-Cost Munitions Ordnance                
Michael Molohon, Program Manager           
L3Harris Technologies            

Precision Strike Missile Program           
Oscar De La Barcena, Program Director           
Lockheed Martin                      

Hypersonic Air Breathing Weapon           
Kevin Bredehoft, HAWC Program Manager           
Raytheon Technologies            

OEM Prime System Production           

Full-Size Determinant Assembly/F-15           
Prat Kumar, Vice President F-15 Programs           

Quality Improvement Project-Super Tucano           
Marcelo Ferreira Consort, Program Management Officer, A-29 Super Tucano           
Embraer Defense & Security Inc.            

Long-Range Hyopersonic Weapon First Operational Battery          
Justin Appel, Program Director           
Lockheed Martin                     

Top Aces F-16 Operations and Upgrades           
Ed Woodruff, F-16 AAF Project Manager           
Top Aces Corp.            

OEM Prime System Sustainment/Upgrades           

F-15 Radar Enterprise Performance Based Logistics           
Shannon Hawkins, F-15 USAF Sustainment Director           

E190-E2/E195-E2 Entry Into Service           
Carlos Augusto Fernandes Filho, Program Director           
Embraer S.A.                

H-53E Performance Based Logistics           
Andrew Gandia, Program Manager           
Lockheed Martin            

Supplier System Design and Development           

Tactical Combat Training System Increment II           
Paulette Petrsen, Director Value Stream Management           
Collins Aerospace                      

Micro-Vapor Cycle System           
Mukesh Kumar, Program Director           
Honeywell Aerospace            

Greg Callahan, Program Manager           
Moog Inc.            

Supplier System Production           

F-35 BEST Team           
Missy MacDonald, Senior Manager Value Stream           
Collins Aerospace                      

GE Aviation F-35 Electrical Power and Avionics           
Chris Newman, Program Lead           
GE Aviation             

Sonobuoy Production           
Randall Redondo, Vice President Programs           

Supplier System Sustainment/Upgrades                 

B-2 Multipurpose Display Unit           
Robert Roslawski, Senior Value Stream Manager           
Collins Aerospace            

RDR 7000 Aftermarket Certification           
Konrad Yapp, Program Manager           
Honeywell Aerospace            

Program Excellence Evaluation Team