A&D Programs: November 2023
Washington, DC


Gain Critical Insights on National Defense Strategy Initiatives 

Aviation Week Network proudly presents the A&D Programs Conference, a gathering of key stakeholders from across the defense aerospace industry. The A&D Programs Conference is designed to provide unparalleled insights and the most accurate information on Defense spending trends and supply chain issues. From program outlooks to defense acquisition reforms and supplier concerns, this event will focus on key components driving the Defense industry.

Agenda Topics Include:

  • Parsing the Budget
  • Digital Transformation
  • CEO Fireside Chat
  • Programs to Watch: The Artemis Era

A&D Programs Event Guide

Exclusive Networking Opportunity for A&D Programs Attendees | Program Excellence Dinner & Awards Banquet

The co-located 2022 Program Excellence Awards Banquet will bring together program executives, their customer counterparts, and leaders from across the industry to recognize the best in program performance and leadership. The awards recognize excellence and achievements for systems, sub-systems, and components. Finalists and winners will be in categories that reflect all phases of the lifecycle.

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